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Our Programs

PACT's mission is to prevent child trafficking and exploitation through innovative and effective programs that educate and empower students, communities, and stakeholders.

Students Against Child Trafficking

SACT is PACT's student-led initiative to end child trafficking. Students create multi-media, online training courses for their peers to detect, defend, and disrupt against the demand in child trafficking.
Empowering students to detect, defend, and disrupt child trafficking and exploitation.
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“I joined PACT to help stop child trafficking starting in High School in 2016. Our mission then was simple: help protect fellow students in the fight against child trafficking. This topic was so relevant back then, yet at our school the administration would not allow our 18 students to be on campus to discuss it. That has since changed because of what we had accomplished with PACT.”
Callum Harralson

Student Ambassador Program

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PACT's Student Ambassador Program empowers young leaders to fight against child trafficking. Ambassadors receive training and support to become advocates for their own and their peers' safety.


“All students are confronted with ever-increasing issues of social injustice. One of the most threatening of these is trafficking of children and students. The safety of the students in our parish and across the community is critical to us, and it is right here in our backyard.”
Scott Latta, St Gabriel’s Youth Ministry Department, McKinney, TX

PACT Global

PACT's global program is dedicated to creating a world where every child is safe and free from trafficking and exploitation. By partnering with international organizations, we are able to spread awareness, provide resources, and empower communities to take a proactive approach to end human trafficking.
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“When I found out that 50-72% of trafficked victims still live at home, I was shocked. One of the primary objectives of PACT is to help students and parents become powerful in their understanding of trafficking. One thing we learned about victims, victims are powerless, but through the SACT course, students are becoming powerful and can make really solid and healthy decisions. And that helped us achieve our goal: of NOT ONE MORE VICTIM”
Richard Neusch, Pastor, True Life Church
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