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U.S. Hotline Numbers:

  • National Trafficking Hotline: 1(888)-373-7888

  • National Trafficking Hotline: text “Help” to 233722 or text “Info” to 233722.

Where to Find Reliable Statistics?

When doing your own independent research for projects and presentations, it is VITAL that you pull your facts from reliable sources. Here are a couple of good places to start. Also, always feel free to reach out to PACT or your student leader for help during any of your research endeavors. 

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Tips For Research

  • Check your dates!! (Numbers on Human Trafficking and Child Sex Trafficking are always changing and updating, so try and find information no more than 2 years old.)

  • Double-check your facts!! (Whenever you find a new statistic, percentage, or number, always try to find a second reliable source that backs up this information and confirms its credibility.)

  • Be exact in presenting your information!! (Sometimes when summarizing information, the meaning can get lost and end up changing your message. Such as saying X number of students are trafficked every year, but the actual statistic is X number of FEMALE students IN NORTH AMERICA. Those are two different statistics.)

  • Is it THEIR information or ALL information? (There is no singular global organization that counts all of the human trafficking cases, so many statistics are estimates of combined research. However, be on the lookout for wording that states their numbers are only what that specific organization has documented. That will be a much smaller number than reality.)

Ask Us Questions!

We are always keeping constant contact with our student ambassadors, but if you have a question and aren't sure whom to ask, send us a message now!

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