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Student Ambassador Projects

Image by Green Chameleon


Student Ambassador Projects are events put together by a student ambassador chapter (and assisted by PACT) that helps spread awareness and empowerment to their fellow students and local community. The purpose of these projects is to inspire our students to think big and encourage them at a young age to actions for causes they are passionate about, specifically stopping child sex trafficking!


  • Must be in line with PACT's Mission and Purpose

  • Project needs to encourage, empower, and provide knowledge to others

  • Must use PACT-approved resources and fact-checked information

  • The main purpose should be to spread awareness about child sex trafficking.


  • Give A Presentation!

    • (PACT Will provide you with the resources and training necessary to give a presentation to your school and local community on trafficking prevention!)​

  • Hold a Fundraising Event!

  • Set Up A Trafficking Awareness Event at Your School!​​

  • Create a Social Media Project!


Here are some examples of PACT Ambassador Students projects and over the last several years. Each of these projects helped build awareness by involving student communities.  PACT Ambassador programs begin from middle school, high school to colleges and universities all over the country. If you are in middle school or high school fill out the applications to become a  PACT Butterfly Ambassador or a fill out the PACT Student Ambassador application if you are in college or a university. 

Spaghetti Dinner & Panel

Our goal was to use this opportunity to educate the people in our community of all ages on the reality of child trafficking and how they could play a role in helping to prevent it.

City-Wide Student Collaborative

The enormity of this problem was striking and when I made my speech, many people challenged me about whether this was real, whether modern day slavery was happening in the world or in their country.



University of Texas Sunshines

These UT students have gathered together to build awareness throughout their campus and other campuses by having events, panel discussions and classes on self defense. 


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