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The Significance of the Press Release

Rotarian organizations all over the world have been developing “various solutions to end human trafficking model” for over a decade.  Many of these were based on building solutions for the survivors of these crimes, but that wasn’t stopping the issue. Great Rotary organizations like RAGAS, and numerous Rotary Districts developed programs, but none quite like this one.  This solution set will meet and exceed all of the requirements to help stop child trafficking and it is available to all Rotarian organizations. 

Image by Noorulabdeen Ahmad

Here are the unique differences and why it has been adopted by Rotary as the education and training solution:

1. Student Designed and then filmed these interactive sessions based on the research of PACT and their own personal experiences


2. Student to Student: not teacher to student, not adult to student.  It is student to student within their own peer groups.


3. Integrated Technology Platform incorporating on line registration, on demand, multimedia, interactive with students, SEL based, question based reviews, supports two languages (English and Spanish).


4. Accountability: The registrations allow for a Certificate to be printed and the data that you the student passed.  That anonymous information is given to the sponsor as validation that students have taken and passed the course.


5. Empowerment: We have witnessed what this course means for students without the direction of an adult.  It is empowerment. It is their social justice mission. It is their voice that is being heard, and it is also the reason why after this course students come together and form a PACT Student Ambassador group and then invite other students to participate.


6.Certification: When you consider that the average age of a “targeted victim” is 13 years old, you begin to understand the fear they could have in not knowing.  Individually they know and together they form a PACT. These students also get recognized by the classmates, all the way to the Principal who honors them at graduation.   


PACT: Via Visser 512.410.8080
RCEHT: Karen Walkowski

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