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Jamie Chaidez

Jamie Chaidez

Board Secretary

Jamie first became a speaker with PACT over 3 years ago when she realized that telling her personal story of being trafficked by her mother could help other teens from experiencing a similar fate.

Her professional career began when she attended Stanford University Medical Center as a Human Resource Generalist. She later delved into her entrepreneurial interests after moving to Austin, TX as a stay-at-home mom which led her to establish several organizations including a non-profit animal rescue center and an upscale consignment shop. As always, invests in her community and became the Membership Coordinator for a local networking group, an ambassador for her town’s Chamber of Commerce, and of course a speaker for PACT and part-time administrative assistant.

However, pulled by the family relationships she had with her dad and grandmother she moved back to their Christian roots in San Jose, CA.  She and Juan, her husband, and six children are now surrounded by family and friends and a new beginning her dreams; building a presence of PACT in the Bay Area, to share her story and help be the advocate to protect children and students.

PACT could not have been happier to invite her to be a Member of the PACT Board of Directors, where she is already leveraging her CA Realtors License while creating an amazing opportunity to share her life-changing story. For those in the Bay Area, you will get to see and hear Jamie as she will be a guest speaker for many of the Rotary Clubs and probably at an upcoming meeting at the Board of Realtors!

Jamie has already been asked to take her story out to other nonprofits, businesses, and her church.  Her mission is clear: to provide teens with valuable information on preventing child trafficking and how not to become a victim. There isn’t anyone more capable than Jaime to share a life-changing story on God’s redemptive powers and give her the tools of empowerment and hope to all students.

Jamie’s story as seen on NBC in 2019:

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