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Janell Smith



To those of you have been around PACT over the last few years, you probably met Janell Smith. Janell defines what Defense means in the value propositions of PACT: Detect, Defend and Disrupt. In fact, she does all three. Whether it is teaching a defense class of PACT Student Ambassadors at the University of Texas, or in her studio in North Austin, or on camera while she is doing stunt work with fellow actors she is always “on” inside but composed on the outside.

She was always an athlete first, but her studies took her in new directions from business and art and finally into the world of martial arts. First training in Taekwondo and eventually earned a 1st degree Black Belt. In 2004, she discovered Tukong Moosul, a form of martial arts developed by Grandmaster Wonik Yi.

With countless awards and degrees of recognition, Janell began to serve as instructor at Grandmaster Yi’s academy. In 2005, the academy was selected by directors Robert Rodriquez and Frank Miller as a training ground for their film "Sin City". Janell was fascinated with the process of training with actors and was motivated to help establish the Action Film Institute and Fighting Stunts Association.

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