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Erik Brandin



After 25 very successful business careers, Erik and Rita moved to Georgetown, TX in 2020, but their world traveling into communities across the globe continues. Erick met Rick Naylor through a mutual friend and when Rick discussed on how God called him preventing students from being exploited or trafficked, Erik jumped in to serve. As a long time Rotarian, Erick and Rita know what it means to serve in their community and abroad. In fact, it was Rotary where they met. "Being a part of PACT adds an incredible dimension and a calling to serve and help stop these heinous crimes against our children and students. I look forward to bring this story into every Rotary Club to tell them how we can all make a difference" Erik commented.

Erick and Rita also are swritters and have published "Stalin’s Priests" with their first published novel that has won immediate praise and acclaim. The second book is being written now and due for publication shortly

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