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Denny Winkelman

Vice Chairman of the Board & PACT President


Denny is one of the original trio when he joined Rick and Darcy Shoreman as the Board of Directors was formed in 2015. As new Vice Chairman of the Board,and the President of PACT International, Denny will have his hands on both sides and keeping a balanced perspective. Denny is also the President-elect for the Jacksonville, Fl Rotary Club for the 2024-25 year. His commitment is focused on students being safe and with that vision joins the Rotary District 6970 to ensure that all high school students have an opportunity to take the free SACT Training Program.

Dennis was born and raised in the printing industry where he and his family ran one of the largest and oldest printing plants in San Francisco, Howard Quinn Publishing Company. From his early days of learning the printing business to developing client relationships and partners throughout the western region, Dennis helped take a local business and spread it throughout the west where he finally settled in Portland. As the print market and the demand changed, Dennis and his team adapted and brought forth new technology and processes to take care of his clients such as Nike, Fred Meyer, Columbia Sportswear, Hollywood Video and others.

Dennis’s community service extended past his help at the Portland First Presbyterian Church to mentoring young men and women while he was a member of the board for Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area. The father of four girls and now 4 grandchildren, Dennis’ understanding and appreciation of the vulnerability of young girls is extremely acute.

Dennis’ vision is to ensure that PACT maintains the most thorough and innovative education solution to all children and students worldwide.

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