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Callum Harralson

College Student Liaison


Callum Harralson graduated from the University of Texas in 2023 and has been part of PACT as one of the original students at Anderson High Schoo in 2017, where Callum started the PACT Ambassadors club when he was a Sophomore. Callum was truly inspirational where he lead 18 students from Anderson High School across the street to meet at a church and discuss the issues and solutions to stop exploitation of students and child trafficking.

The real part of the story is that Callum had to find a place to meet because those students were not allowed on the Anderson High School campus to talk about that subject matter in 2017.
During high school, Callum also aided in fundraising events, curriculum development, and community outreach. Since the inception of PACT Ambassadors, Callum has continued to work with PACT in advocating for the SACT program at the University of Texas and getting his fraternity to joins the cause.

In 2022, PACT wrote a letter of recommendation to several law schools Callu was applying to... and a few months later Callum received an acceptance letter from Baylor School of Law based on his leadership, his commitment to the community and his incredible desire to keep students safe through his work at PACT. Go Bears!

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