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Becoming A Student Ambassador 

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About Our Student Ambassadors

​Are you ready to make an impact this school year? The PACT Student Ambassador Program focuses on empowering a generation of student leaders to get informed about child trafficking and take action to protect the children in their community. PACT Student Ambassadors receive in-depth training on the issue and design a project to raise awareness, reduce victimization, and/or disrupt demand. Each school year, scholarships are awarded to the students with the most outstanding projects. Student to student, the movement is building.

Become a PACT Ambassador or create an Ambassador Chapter!

What Is The Process?

Step #1: Express Your Interest!

Reach out to PACT and let us know that you are interested in setting up a student ambassador chapter at your High School or College! All you need is at least three other students who want to join your chapter and a passion for ending child sex trafficking! 

You can contact us at to get started!

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Step #2: Take the SACT Training Program!

All Student Ambassadors must get certified with PACT's 1-hour online student training program. This is will give you preliminary and vital information on child sex trafficking prevention to start your PACT journey!

Step #3: Submit a PACT Student Ambassador Chapter Application

Fill out our quick form to formally apply after receiving any necessary permissions from your school.

Filling Out a Form
Image by Usen Parmanov

Step #4: Time to Set-Up!

PACT will reach out to explain the expectations of our Ambassador Program and provide resources for Chapter management.

Step #5: Recruit Your Members!

It's time to reach out and recruit your fellow students to join your student ambassador chapter! You will need at least three other members to get your chapter going. 

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Image by Adam Whitlock

Final Step: Start your Chapter!!

Let's get this show on the road! We will help you get your chapter rolling with project ideas and activities you all can work on together!

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