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Empowering Youth to End Child Trafficking

Together, let's create a world where every child is safe
and free from exploitation.


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Mission Statement

At Partners Against Child Trafficking ( PACT) International, our mission is to prevent child trafficking and exploitation by empowering young people through peer-to-peer education and social-emotional learning. We are a Christ-centered Organization dedicated to creating a safer world for all children, where NOT ONE MORE VICTIM falls prey to these heinous crimes.
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Mission Key Statistics on Child Trafficking

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Join the Movement

By supporting PACT's unique approach to prevention, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Your support is vital in helping us create a safer world where every child is protected from harm.

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Our SACT Education Programs

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SACT (Students Against Child Trafficking) is the Education and Training Program developed by students for students.  There are separate courses: High School and college/university.

To keep the SACT content fresh and relevant, many students get involved in the filming of various course segments and then use that content in the overall SACT education and training. 
Student Ambassador
Students that take the SACT course inevitably start a campus-wide organization that continues to empower young leaders to fight against child trafficking. 

These student leaders are selected as Speakers by companies and organizations like Rotary where they bring the light into the darkness and give our communities HOPE. 
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PACT International 
The SACT courses were developed so that they could easily be translated into other languages and the cultures of those nations.

In Phuket, Thailand, PACT partnered with For Freedom International (FFI), another Ch
rist-centered organization, and helped translate to the  Thailand language and culture! 

Through partnerships with international Rotary Clubs, the SACT course can be learned by students around the world.  
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Make a real difference by sponsoring a school, enabling PACT to educate and empower students in the fight against child trafficking

“My parents never talked to me about this ‘subject matter’ before. I wish I would have known about this course before I entered high school.”

Angela, High School

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